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Expertise and experience at your Fingertips

Stonemasters Ltd process and install your kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Our experience in design, woodworking and stone finishing  makes us the right partner to realise the kitchen worktop of your dreams. 

Worktops are like handbags – they can make or break a look. “Combine the wrong coloured handbag or shoes with an outfit and it looks totally wrong,”. “Choose the wrong worktop for the cabinets and your kitchen loses its style.” And like accessories, quality matters. A decent worktop will enhance an affordable kitchen, while a poor-quality one will make even the most expensive fitted kitchen look cheap.

With the very best materials, we guarantee a high quality finish. In addition to new kitchens you can also enable us to replace existing kitchen worktops. Are you ready to give your existing kitchen a second life?

We partner with many High end luxury products like BLANCO sinks & taps, PittCooking hand made integrated cooktops, and other well known brands in the kitchen industry to deliver a complete luxury package if needed.

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